The FIRE Start

It’s done. Which means I have to start. Which is probably a little confusing for you right now so I guess I’ll have to throw in some background.

I’ve been interested in this myth of financial independence and retiring early since I started work about 9 years ago. I didn’t know what it was call back then but the ideas I had around it seemed to fit in with a lot of the gurus around now. I remember working out how much money I would need in my bank account to give me my earnings based on the net interest I was getting paid. The figure came back at about £2 million which seems like a mountain of a task. So I gave up trying the savings route instead looking for other opportunities. But first there is the needing of a house.

People in the UK have an obsession about housing. Every Englishman’s home is his castle and that runs true for a lot of us. From the outside looking in it would seem an irrational level of infatuation my countrymen and women have for their house. I must confess I’m no different. So these past couple of weeks I’ve had an offer accepted on a house. A three-bedroom detached bungalow in a quiet little rural village. Perfect.

I’ve promised myself and my partner that once the house situation is sorted out we will save up the money needed to retire early. I also promised myself that I would start a blog to track and record that progress. This is it, the start towards FIRE.

I’m tempted to throw some star trek sound track lyrics here but not wanting to get sued for copyrights infringement on my first post I’ll leave it.

So the mission. Once we have completed on the house, we have 5 years to build up alternative streams of money to support out lifestyle. I’ll go into these things in a little more depth with future posts. But for now, we start.

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